A highly practical course that outlines the skills needed to compile, submit and present a winning tender bid.
Are you aware that some suppliers never award to the cheapest bid? Have you tried implementing a value-for-money policy with purchasers to ensure you become a referred supplier?

Are you aware of the simple amendments you can make to your tenders that will instantly set you apart from your competitors?
This course has been awarded interim registration by the Services Seta meeting all eight core criteria for Accreditation D No 057/30-4-02


Attend this hands-on Submitting Winning Tenders training course and gain valuable information such as:
  • Real guidelines on how to complete the tender documents
  • Be responsive to tender eligibility and understand what makes your tender non-responsive
  • Critical information available at briefing sessions – the importance of sending qualified personnel
  • Become familiar with the revised BBBEE recognition levels and the amended generic scorecard, and the impact these will have on your tender
  • How to ensure your organisation benefits in terms of preference points by being BBBEE-compliant
  • Non-price criteria that may be the difference between winning or losing the tender
  • Practical examples of the many risks involved when tendering for big business and government tenders
  • Avoid disqualification when compiling tenders by understanding the tender terminology
  • Understand the rules of post-bid negotiation and post-bid submissions, and make them work for you
With increasing competition and a market that encourages organisations to supply only the best products and services at the lowest prices, purchasers can now afford to be picky. Only the most value for money and well thought out tender bids can hope to achieve success. And with organisations aligning their purchasing procedures with the latest corporate governance guidelines and tender processes, and demanding that their supplier’s keep abreast of these changes, can you be sure that you are in the best position to consistently win new business?
When submitting a tender bid, success always comes from thorough, meticulous preparation, the ability to differentiate your organisation from competitors and a thorough and value-for-money tender proposal. This targeted training course will prepare you to consistently meet and exceed client requirements and securing continued new business, as well as help set up your organisation to achieve preferred supplier status.
This highly practical and interactive training course will provide you with the business skills you need to consistently develop winning tender submissions.


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