Should you be doing things differently? Or better? Are you on the right track?

Too many managers get bogged down in operational issues and forget to look at the bigger picture. Stop! Break this cycle now by following strategy guru Ian Mann’s easy-to-apply scenario building strategy model to clarify your way forward. He will take you through his practical strategy development framework to help you make a real difference in your business.

His insights into strategy are penetrating, his research thorough, the results eye-opening, and the methodology he outlines is easily applied to improve or even transform businesses of any size.


As a professional manager you are no doubt continuously challenged to answer two questions:

“What sort of manager do I have to be with this group of people that I am employed to manage?”

“What am I supposed to do to really make a difference to the organisation?”

Managers who have clear answers to these questions and act on them are the ones who get promoted, whose careers soar.

The first of Ian Mann’s courses, Managing with Intent, based on his book of the same name, was designed to answer the first question.

Now he can now offer you a structured way of answering the second with Strategy that Works. Both the method and the book have received high praise from top business people, government officials, and academics.

During this intensive one-day course you will

  • Discover how to analyse your situation using a slimmed down but effective version Shell’s ground-breaking scenario building methodology
  • Be empowered to expect the unexpected by incorporating controllable and uncontrollable factors into the process
  • Develop a range of possible futures for informed management decision making
  • Select more than one scenario to reduce the risk of betting on the wrong horse
  • Finish with a tried and tested functional strategy that you can use to drive your business growth

All delegates receive a copy of Ian Mann’s new book, Strategy that Works.

About Ian Mann

Ian Mann specialises in strategy and leadership, consulting to companies in 14 countries. His greatest strength is his ability to communicate sophisticated and complex ideas in an easily understood, stimulating and engaging manner. He is the author of the best-selling book Managing with Intent, and recently released Strategy that Works. A seasoned radio and television presenter and writer on management, Ian also hosts monthly business book breakfasts at the Michelangelo Hotel.


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