Our views on business etiquette are shaped by a multitude of factors ─ our parents, our culture, our traditions, our values and our experiences.

This Executive Education Series course with etiquette experts Edith Venter and Thuli Sithole is designed to help professionals identify and avoid common etiquette pitfalls, build a strong rapport with colleagues, staff and clients, evade ethical risks and prevent unintentional discourtesy. Above all, it will help you effectively sell yourself and your ideas with total confidence.

Could you benefit from business and cultural etiquette training?

Have you forgotten a person's name two minutes after being introduced? Accidentally insulted a client by using humour inappropriately? Been in a room with potential clients, and couldn’t start a conversation with them? Blurted out something inappropriate at a meeting and been greeted with a stony silence? Insulted a colleague or client from a different culture simply because you were unaware of their expectations?

Mistakes can be avoided

Etiquette mistakes in situations ranging from the office floor to a restaurant dinner table can severely damage a manager’s reputation, credibility and effectiveness, and reflect poorly on your company.

This intensive one-day course will touch on all aspects and areas where business etiquette is called for, demonstrating with practical examples, role play and exercises how a little bit of consideration and know-how can increase your professionalism in all business situations, allowing you to get ahead and be treated with the respect you deserve.

Cornerstone of professionalism

Managers who treat their employees abrasively are going to have motivation and labour law problems later on. There is no excuse for unintentional disrespectful or discourteous treatment of employees. Business and cultural etiquette is the cornerstone of professionalism, and this course will show you how to always treat your employer, employees and co-workers with courtesy and respect, even in stressful situations.

Subtle art of networking

Many managers are daunted by the prospects of meeting and making conversation with new business acquaintances or even their own bosses. Companies need people who can network effectively, make new contacts and secure business for their company in any situation. Learn the art of networking and gain the self-confidence needed to mingle with anyone at any occasion.

The Executive Education Series has developed this intensive one-day seminar to help you effectively sell yourself and your ideas with total confidence.


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